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Where have you been?

This is a problem I think I’ve always suffered with. I have so many good ideas and I start writing about them and then I realise that all my ideas and very similar and I worry that my readers will get bored of reading similar posts all the time. So I take a break and […]

How I cope with being Ill

I’ll give it away in the first sentence, I don’t. I’ve been ill the past week and it means that I have to take time off work which is something I hate doing. I hate the feeling of letting people down. I hate thinking that they think that I’m missing work on purpose. I had […]

PCOS explained to Loved Ones

I asked some people what sort of things they would want to see from this blog and a lot of people wanted a way to explain PCOS to their partner or friends who don’t have it and don’t understand what it is. So I thought I’d put it in a letter, I’ve addressed it to […]

2018 in Review

With all these Year in Review posts doing the rounds, it got me thinking about lastyear and I thought to myself that I haven’t done much that I would like to. But then I looked through the photos on my phone and I realised just how much I had actually done! It’s really easy to […]

Hello Doctor My Old Friend

This isn’t the post I wanted to write to welcome us back after my little break, but I guess I’ll have to bring those up another time. Though I’m offering points for anyone who knows my title reference! Today I went to the Doctor for a pill check up. Its been a whole year since […]

Dark Days

Most of the time I try to look on the bright side of things. I would class myself as a glass half full kind of person. Always Look on the Bright Side of Life is one of my favourite songs. (It’s not I just wanted the excuse to put this clip in!) Some people think […]

Female Body Hair

This is a subject that I have spoken about before, but I thought I’d revisit it as a new piece of evidence has emerged! I don’t know about you but have you ever noticed that every single advert for women’s razors show a woman shaving her legs when she doesn’t have one single hair on […]

Me Time Tag

I came across this tag in the world of lifestyle blogs. I’m not going to tag anyone formally, but if you feel like doing it as well, leave a comment below and I’ll check it out! 1. What do you like to watch or read during me-time? Which ever book I’m currently reading (at the […]

Blog a Day June | Poetweet

So today, I came across a website called Poetweet, which you can find here. and you just put in your twitter handle pick one of three options and the website generates a poem from your tweets. I find it hilarious and have been reading the out to everyone who will listen, nd maybe driving everyone […]

Blog a Day June | Three Fictional Characters

So… during my Queer Eye binge, I heard someone say there are three fictional characters that describe you. So I thought I would share the three fictional characters that describe me… Ariel from The Little Mermaid View this post on Instagram Today is the bubbles! ✨🐠 Happy anniversary to #TheLittleMermaid. A post shared by Disney […]

Blog a Day June | Lazy Sunday

So today is the first day I’ve actually been able to sat down and blog for a while. I’ve had a deadline this week so I’ve been pulling a few all-nighters to get it finished and I literally did not have any more time to blog, so unfortunately I had to let it go for […]

Blog A Day June | Things I’d Want My Sixteen Year Old Self to Know

Dear Beth at sixteen… Where shall I start? I’ll start with the important part, I want you to know we’re happy, sort of. I wanted to share with you some important pieces of information that I needed when I was your age, first of all, you are enough. People will come and go from your […]