Yellow has always been a colour of happiness for me. It all started many moons ago, when I was just a little girl reading the Mr Men and Little Miss books with Little Miss Sunshine. Even now, when I’m nearly 25 (sighs) Little Miss Sunshine is still one of my favourite characters, and I in fact own two mugs with her on.

I’ve had a few weddings these past few years, I’m also at that age where I’m going to weddings without my parents, which is something I was so worried about at first. I’ve mentioned before that my Mom and I have a really close relationship, so when I was invited to my first wedding on my own, I still made her come along with me to try on dresses to wear. I dragged her round shop after shop in our local shopping mall, and tried on dress after dress after dress, getting more and more depressed by dresses that didn’t fit, or didn’t look right or just weren’t right for the occasion.

Then, I came across a dress in Dorothy Perkins that when I tried it on fit me, like it was meant to be worn by me. It was perfect the right size, the right length and the wright cut, absolutely perfect. Just not for a wedding. I was gutted because it was gorgeous, and when I put it on I felt amazing. When I looked at the tag, I noticed it was reduced from £50 to £20 so I made a decision right then and there that I would buy it anyway. Even if I didn’t have anywhere to wear it to apart from a nice family dinner or to a birthday party or something.

You can actually see my Little Miss Sunshine Mug on my bedside table!

I actually ended up saving the dress for my graduation day in September. I felt so amazing as I walked down the walk way, up the steps and across the stage to accept my HNC and shake hands with the principal.

I’ve not worn it since because I don’t want the magic to wear off. I want to keep it as my graduation dress for a while. At least, should the occasion ever arise, I do have LYD (little yellow dress).

Lots of love

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