Where have you been?

This is a problem I think I’ve always suffered with. I have so many good ideas and I start writing about them and then I realise that all my ideas and very similar and I worry that my readers will get bored of reading similar posts all the time. So I take a break and then I don’t know how to get back into the swing of things.


I started this blog as a woman who has PCOS and I wanted to document things as they are happening to me, but what do I do if I’m not having any other symptoms than the ones I’ve already written about? What if I haven’t had a change in medication or lifestyle for a while and am currently happy with how things are going?

I feel guilty. I have this terrible problem where I feel guilty for every single tiny thing. I feel horrible guilt when I’m off work ill, I feel guilt when I go into work when I’m ill. I feel guilty that I’m feeling ill when others have it much worse, I feel guilty when I feel happy because other people aren’t happy. I feel guilty that I feel guilty.

I realise that these are issues that are completely non-existent but it’s hard to shake the feeling when you’ve grown up that way. So I’m going to try and live less guiltily on here and share things I want to share and if you want to follow along that’s great, and I’m excited for the journey this is going to take.


I’m still going to talk openly about Women’s health because I believe passionately that it is something that needs addressing and to paraphrase Hermione Granger, Fear of speaking about something increases fear of the thing itself.

The thing is that I’m tired of only blogging when I feel crap because that’s what PCOS does. So it’s going to have a more of a positive vibe with my journey included too.

It’s been almost a year since I started this blog and I’m proud of what I’ve done in a year. So much has happened over the last twelve months, I feel like I’m still playing catch up. But I’m looking forward to taking a new direction with this blog and I’m so excited to see where it will take me.

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