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Before I told you all how I’d tried blogging before, but I used to write about the perfect me, rather than the me I am. So today, I thought I’d share with you a a blog post from one of my old blogs, which you can no longer find, as it is hidden!

Personally, I can see the different in the writing style and I cringe reading it. I can see that I’m trying to put forward this persona that is just not me, and I think that comes across, but I’m grateful for having posted it, 1 because I can now refer to it! and b becasue it got me where I am today. If I hadn’t have gone through this learning curve, I wouldn’t have been able to open this blog.


Hi There

Today I thought I’d share with you a few of my favourite ways to unwind after a particular stressful day or event. As I work in a very busy office and this time of the year is very, very busy, finding time to unwind, even if it is over a fifteen minute cup of coffee or at the end of the day is really important so you don’t get over whelmed.

1. Talking it Through

I usually get quite stressed after my lunch break, as that is when I everyone decides to email me about their problems with the job I’m doing. I have a very good friend in the office who shares this problem with me, so if I’m feeling very pissed off about something I will go and have a rant with her, and I will feel alot better after having just spoken it through with someone.They don’t nesecarily have to understand your job, they don’t even need to be 100% listening, but talking helps. Just talking out loud instead of in your head. And if your standing by someone, it doesn’t look like your going mad.

2. Write a To Do List

At the end of my working day after putting my things away and tidying my desk, I always write tomorrows to do list. This helps me focus my thoughts on what needs to be done. And if I know that I have a plan for tomorrow, I can go home and be with my family and friends and have no distractions. Plus when you finish something on your to do list it is very satisfying to cross it out. Only put a few things on the list though, you don’t want to be too overwhelmed.

3. Do Some Exercise

I go to the gym with my friend. This is very good at helping me unwind, as I am thinking about my health at this point and don’t think about what is stressing me out because I’m having fun with my friend. We usually have the same routine, bike, treadmill, ab challenge, but the things we talk about are different. Sometimes we might go swimming which is even better, because being in the water for me, is so relaxing, I think I was a mermaid in a previous life.

4. Take a Bath/Shower

For me there is nothing more satisfying than washing my hair. This may sound incredibly weird, but I love the feeling of washing my hair, when I was the shampoo out and I can feel its really clean. I love feeling the water washing over my head and face. People think I’m trying to drown myself in the shower as I can take ages, but I just love standing under. And when you’re sat down relaxing after your bath and your skin feels really soft.

5. Revisiting a Favourite Book or Film

Whenever I really need to unwind, I pick up my Harry Potter book. Just the first words of the book make me feel calm. Its almost as if I can feel myself being unwound when I read them. Or I pop my Princess Bride DVD on and watch that. The familiarity reminds me of when I was a kid, and kids don’t need to unwind because they don’t get stressed like adults do.

So I hope you enjoyed my Favourite five ways to Unwind, I think I might make this a regular segment. Favourite Five. Comment below what Favourite Five things you’d like to see.

See You Soon


Oooooh! The cringe, the unbearable cringe. This was written three years ago, just after I’d started my current job and while I do do all of these things, but this just seems to be a too perfect version of a person that just isn’t me. I’m not the person that has their shit together, and I now don’t have any qualms about saying that.

But we’re all learning, and I’m sure that I’ll look back over some of the posts on this blog a few years later and think “What the hell did you write that for!”

What about you? Are their any things that you cringe about now, or have learned from? Leave a comment below and let me know.


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