Blog a Day June | Poetweet

So today, I came across a website called Poetweet, which you can find here. and you just put in your twitter handle pick one of three options and the website generates a poem from your tweets. I find it hilarious and have been reading the out to everyone who will listen, nd maybe driving everyone insane in the process. But I thought I’d share a coupe with you guys…

Stomach – Sonnet (Poem of 14 lines)

Jennifer Lawrence Or Emma Stone?
Disney Book Tag
KC,” “Yeah… I made the next one…
Read This? Watch This Tag

To anyone! My kind of place
Read true crime I hear in my head!
This should be the new duck face
I should learn French instead……

Dear Beanie
You pizza delivery guy arrives ”
Again. Ahwr lovely little Janie!!

Look at Susan Pevensie in Reign! 😉
Big bruise on the bottom of my foot
I don’t see the point of this sign


And Deadness – Rondel  (Poem of 2 verses of 4 lines and a verse 5 lines)

So the pizza guy would deliver 😉
All my life The last Rolo is mine
I’m Not That Girl | Cover
Of Lydia, Josephine and Caroline

My made my day a whole lot better!
It was in my private stash…
I’d run faster!!
It’s even better! It’s SUPER TASH

Wilde Like Me – Louise Pentland
An afternoon well spent!
It’s been six years since Holland!
Can We Guess Your British Accent?
I just want to go to Disney Land


Bit of a cheat day with this one, but I thought it was really funny!


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