Blog a Day June | Safari Adventure

Well I told you I would be going on an adventure today! Me and a couple of friends went to the West Midlands Safari Park to see all the animals! It’s been just over a year since I last went and although not a lot has really changed, its always nice going because there are different animals out all the time!


While we didn’t get to see the Tawny Lions, we did see a lot of White Lions (which I learned are the same breed as the Tawny ones, the colour is caused by a gene mutation, how interesting!) and Giraffes, which were the favourite of our car!


We had a child in our car as well, and she loved looking at all the animals, but she did get a bit scared when they were putting the heads in the vehicle to eat the food they give you, but all in all she was really good (and so cute!) She taught us all the names for the characters from Peppa Pig, which is information I really needed!


After the Safari, there is the chance to walk around a smallish theme park, with more animals and shows, and some rides, but our little person was a bit too small to go on any rides, but it just means we’ll have to go again, which I don’t mind! There is also the Land of the Living Dinosaurs, which is amazing! They’ve built loads of Dinosaurs that move so realistically, its so good!


There is also a new part of the park called the Ice Age, which wasn’t there the last time I went. You can do a long walk around this part, or the short walk, we chose the short walk because we wanted to go to the Sea Lion Show, but all of the animatronic animals that we saw were so good, and I imagine the others were as well, so I’d definitely go again, even if its just to see that!

When I looked at my pedometer, we’d actually met my step count for the day, so its a great way to work out, when you’re not even think about it. With days like this, its easy to forget whats going on inside your own body.

We didn’t get to go to Lemur Woods, Hippo Lakes or Meerkat Mayhem, but again, it just means we’ll have to go back again.  The weather held off for us to, it did get a bit cloudy and breezey towards the end of the day, but while we were there the weather was lovely.img_2003

All in all, an absolutely lovely day that I would love to repeat!

What is your favourite animal? Leave a comment below and let me know!

Back tomorrow with a recipe post! Are you excited?


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