Blog A Day June | Things I’d Want My Sixteen Year Old Self to Know

Dear Beth at sixteen…

Where shall I start? I’ll start with the important part, I want you to know we’re happy, sort of.

I wanted to share with you some important pieces of information that I needed when I was your age, first of all, you are enough.


People will come and go from your life, but the important ones will stay.

You’ll have your ups and downs, sure but the ones that mean the most will say:

“I’m here for you, right now and always

We’ve been so many Christmas’s and just as many birthday’s.”

Prepare to have your heartbroken but you are not alone,

You’ll get over it, after a while, but at the time it will feel unknown.

Take a breath and learn to love yourself, before you give yourself away.

Go out with your friends, your family, and don’t forget Subway Wednesday.

Asking your Dad to set up your email is not a bad idea

It’ll save you embarrassment in the long run,

When the rest of your friends are changing theirs, you can make fun


And your email address doesn’t result in a face palm.

University is not the be all and end all you’ll learn this

One day someone will send you a text and it will make sense

If you want to go then go, and if you don’t tick no.

Believe yourself especially when you think something is wrong

You’ll find out soon that you are a lot of different things and strong

Is just one word people will use to describe you

And when you’re ready, make the world ready for your new debut!

You’ll find your way in the world, even if you feel lost

Take out the map and

Listen to your gut at any cost

if something feels wrong, believe yourself

You have these feelings for a reason, don’t put them on the shelf

Say Yes more, Say No more,

And explore,

What you want and want you don’t, its okay,

To do what you can and say what you say.

All of this, and remember the Beatles Quote “Let It Be”

Lots of Love,

from Me (at 23)


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