Blog a day June | Cruelty Free Beauty Haul – Superdrug Edition!

Hello everyone!

It’s the weekend and I had a bit to do today, so I thought I’d show you some of the bits and bobs I picked up in the beauty department. Everything I picked up today is cruelty free which is good for my conscience.

Micellar Water – B (£2.19)


Micellar Water is used to cleanse and tone your skin. I personally use it twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening so I always try and get a big bottle. As you already know from my everyday essentials, I use the day and night cream by B so I know its good. And for less than £3, its not bad at all!

Selfie Ready Medium Coverage Matte Foundation – Lottie London (£6.95)

d7dc4ebf-32f1-47c0-ba7e-63e10d15d469This is the first time I’ve bought this, but I thought I’d try out for a few reasons, one being that it’s cruelty free and I’m trying to do better by buying more ethical products, and another the price! This is a pretty good value for money compared with other foundations on offer.

Jet Black Liquid Eyliner – e.l.f (£3)

5223e4ca-df92-4b06-9145-d1fa82703278I can’t live without eyeliner. I’ve never had a close relationship with any particular brand of eyeliner, I’m constantly on the hunt for one that doesn’t smudge, or run and stays in place all day. So far I’ve been disappointed, lets hope this one is a better match!

Loose Setting Power – MUA (£4)

5cd9bde7-c3a9-40ad-9ef3-1fead25d822dI use loose powder because I find it holds my makeup on for longer. Also, its fun to put on. This is one of the more expensive items I picked up today, but at £4 I still reckon its a steal!

Amplify Statement Lash – MUA (£3)


I don’t buy mascara by the formula, or by what it says on the tin. I like a certain type of wand, and that’s what I look for when buying a mascara. I like the plastic one with stiff bristles that separate and coat each lash. I have thick, long eyelashes, so I really want to show them off!

Blender Sponge with Case – Primark (£3)

1ab169fd-e230-4d9d-94a2-b496216fff86Okay, so this isn’t Superdrug, but I got it on the same trip and its so cute I had to include it. Also, did you know that Primark Cosmetics are Cruelty free? I only learned that a coupe of weeks ago when I was doing research for a project.


What are your makeup staples that you can’t live without? Leave a comment below and let me know?




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