Blog a Day June | Favourite Apps

Today I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite apps at the moment, most of which I use when I’m feeling a bit down or in need of a few minutes on my own. They’re great to just take a few minutes breather with and focus on something else.



IMG_1471Pinterest is great for finding new ideas, and recipes. Anything you can think of you can find on Pinterest. You can make boards for different things, so its great for ideas and planning and trying new things.



IMG_1472This is a newish app, it has loads of different subjects and it allows you to speak to other members who are going through the same thing, or if you want some advice you can find the right section and leave a comment and just watch the replies come in.


IMG_1473Colorfy is a collection of pictures you can colour in however you want, and you can add an effect. You can share your images on Instagram, or just keep them in your own section. I love colouring in, and this is great when you have nothing to do, or you just need a few minutes to yourself.



Headspace is an app that has guided meditation and mindfulness. I really like it because the voice is really chatty like you’re meeting up with a friend. They also send you notifications of mindfulness practises, which is nice when you just need to give yourself five minutes.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery


I love this game! I know people have very mixed feelings about it. But I love anything Hogwarts or Harry Potter related. This is set just after Harry is left on the doorstep on the Dursley’s and follows your character as they find the cursed vaults which have apparently drove your brother insane. I’ve just met Bill Weasley. I’m very excited about the future of my Hogwarts character!


IMG_1476I like listening to Podcasts instead of music sometimes. I find it quite calming to listen to people. At the moment my favourite is Harry Potter and the Sacred Text, which looks at the Harry Potter book through a different theme each week. Its really interesting to see how the two hosts find different aspect from the theme. It would be really interesting to see other books read out too.

So there you have my top six favourite apps at the moment. Do you have any apps you can’t go a day without?




    • I would recommend it. It gives you a little quiz after you join a community and it tells you how many people can help you and how many people you can help 🙂 xx

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