Blog A Day June | Why do I write?

Right for this… I’m setting a timer and will write for ten minutes and we’ll see what comes out. Ready… 3, 2, 1…. GO!

I have to write because there is too much going on in my head. When I first meet someone, I am painfully shy, its almost embarrassing, especially because I work in customer service, I didn’t speak for nearly three months when I started my current job. I recently moved desk and I’m now sharing a desk with two other people, and it took me a while to get them to speak to them. Since I was fifteen I’ve kept a journal where I write down my inner feelings and when I haven’t shared for a while, I write for ages and ages almost as if the words have been trapped in me longing to get out, to be made sense of. If that makes sense at all.

I’ve always written, writing and reading have always been a part of my life, English was my favourite subject in school and that was the best marks I got. Since I was a child I loved to write stories, and even have a selection of stories that I will have to share, because they are so funny. Even though I’ve always been obsessed with fairy tales and good triumphing over evil, I still had a soft spot for the villains and they would always win the stories I wrote, and they would have a twisted ending.

As I got older, I’ve got more interested in life writing and essays, and I think that is what I’m trying to emulate in this blog. Being honest about women’s health and mental health is something that needs doing more and more these days, so I’m trying to bridge the gap between the expected and the reality, because it is damaging for young women to not know that other women, women they respect, feel the same way they do and probably always have and probably always will.

I want to talk about “taboo” subjects, which is something I think I’ve always wanted to write about, even going back to six year old me, writing about one of Cinderella’s mice instead of the Prince and Princess.


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