My Self Care Tips

One of the things about having PCOS is that it can cause anxiety and depression due to the imbalance of hormones inside your body. It also doesn’t help that the most infuriating parts of the condition are there for everyone to see, such as the unwanted hair, weight gain and acne. So it is important to invest time into your self care and mental health, so today I thought I’d show you what I do to indulge in some me time.

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Take yourself out

I call this my me date. I usually take myself to the cinema, and treat myself to a coffee in a mug before I go in. My drink of choice is a coconut milk, white chocolate mocha. I usually spend about an hour in the cafe and then go and watch a movie. I usually have a me date once a month.

Listen to a Book

One of my favourite things to do when I can’t be bothered to pick up a book, is listen to one. Its great to listen to when your walking, or working out instead of music. I also listen to them when I’m doing a boring job at work that I don’t need to concentrate on.

Take a bath or Go for a Swim

Anything that involves water I love. I find water very soothing and I swear I could have been a mermaid in anther life. There is just something about water that makes me feel calm.

Make a list

With PCOS it is really easy to dwell on the things you can’t control, so its easier to write a list of things you can control. What do you need to do tomorrow? What things need fixing in your house? Do you have a list of books you’ve always wanted to read?

Meditate or Practice Mindfulness

There are some really good apps out there with guided meditation to help you. But I find it really helps when you’re able to focus on something else. I like the guided meditations as the voice is usually really calming too.

What do you guys do for self-care? Leave a comment.


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